Missing files (Files not appearing) or unable to save a file using a longer file name

Windows can not support and file path size that is longer than 256 characters. 

Furthermore, HaltonDC File Cloud service uses HTTP/HTTPS (URL) that requires any special characters such as "&, %, #, +, ?, *,',", >, <, /, \, |, :, SPACE" must be encoded using multiple characters.  In doing so, the total file pathname (URL) could be significantly longer than the maximum allowed length if the file pathname contains any special characters.  We recommend not using any special characters in folders and file names; "Let's have a meeting tomorrow.docx" should be "LetsHaveaMeetingTomorrow.docs".  Using "-", the dash, or "_", the underscore does not need to be encoded and can also be used.
The maximum pathname length of HaltonDC's Cloud File service is about 220 characters.
Using the HDC File access client application instead of mapping a drive does not have this limitation.
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